Who are we?

Hi, thanks for visiting our store. We are Ika & Lukas and we are coconut lovers!

Grown up in Sumatra, Indonesia, Ika knows how amazing and useful coconut trees can be. There is more to use than just drink the coconut water and eat the white coconut meat. Back in Germany, Lukas’ home country, there are no coconut trees. When Lukas visited Indonesia for the first time, he instantly fell in love with the beautiful coconut trees. Enjoying a cool coconut under the hot sun became a daily routine.

Often many empty coconut shells are just rotting under the sun or are being burned. We want to help the planet and this is where our idea started. We want to utilize the big potential of coconut trees and create a sustainable alternative to reduce waste.

Together we want to

  • Not just selling you just coconut bowl. We are creating a feeling of holiday and happiness in your own house by delivering sustainable products
  • Produce and market high quality and sustainable products made out of coconut shells
  • Support local producers and communities
  • Stop people from burning empty coconut shells and reduce CO2 emissions
  • Give local people hope and provide them with a better opportunity and enviroment awareness
  • Move the world towards buying sustainable products