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Our way to CO² neutral sourcing

Sustainability and sourcing products from the other side of the world might seem controversial. This article gives you a clear overview of where our products come from, how they are being transported and how much CO² the transportation processes are emitting. And finally, what are we from ecocobowls doing to reduce our carbon footprint. Our […]

Our sustainability approach

Sustainability is core to our business idea. But what is sustainability and how do we contribute? Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations Implemented in 2015, the United Nations and all its member states launched the Sustainable Development goals. They are a universal call to action to stop poverty, to protect our planet and to […]

Our Coconut Bowl Journey

Polishing of our coconut products. Local craftman at his job in Yogyakarta.

In case you ever wondered where our eco-friendly coconuts come from and where they are being produced, this article is for you. As part of our transparent philosophy we want to inform everyone about the steps it takes to produce and ship our beautiful and sustainable coconut products to your home. The journey of the […]

Coconut Story

The picture above was taken when Lukas and I traveled to Lombok Indonesia last September 2019. I would say we are so blessed having coconut trees growing rapidly here in Indonesia.  I have known coconut pretty much since I was a little girl, I guess around 6-7 years back then. Back to my parent’s house […]