Our Coconut Bowl Journey

Polishing of our coconut products. Local craftman at his job in Yogyakarta.

In case you ever wondered where our eco-friendly coconuts come from and where they are being produced, this article is for you.

As part of our transparent philosophy we want to inform everyone about the steps it takes to produce and ship our beautiful and sustainable coconut products to your home. The journey of the vast majority of our 100% natural coconut bowls starts in Sumatra. Our manufacturer in Yogyakarta, located on the Java Island purchases the raw coconut shells from a supplier in Sumatra. The shells are being transported via trucks for further processing in Yogyakarta. The little map below should help you to understand the geographics of it. The special region of Yogyakarta is located in the heart of Java, illustrated by the geographic pin.

The production process

In the south of Yogyakarta, also known as “Jogja” as locals would say, a few families formed a company for local craftmanship. By buying our products you directly support them and give them an opportunity in nowadays difficult days. We treat all of our partners fairly and we do not negotiate the prices they charge us for the production. Together we can help each other so that in the end everyone benefits. The picture below gives you a small idea about how the production of our coconut bowls works. By using a smoothening machine, the coconut bowls are getting their unique and beautiful look. Every piece is completely natural and size and look can vary. This makes every bowl unique and special.

Before and after

We illustrate this manufacturing process by comparing the bowls before (left) and after (right) the preparation of our local craftsman. After polishing and cleaning the bowl, they are shiny and ready to go. As a result, the traditional production of our coconut bowls is 100% handmade and free from any chemicals. Sustainability and our coconut bowls go hand in hand. Our bowls are long-lasting and they are a natural product. The coconuts are falling naturally from the coconut trees. This means that we did not have to cut any coconut tree unnaturally.

The long journey from Indonesia to Hamburg

After about two weeks of production our coconut bowls, spoons and forks are finally ready to go. Consequently, after producing our coconut bowls, spoons & forks, the next step is to transport the goods to the port of Semarang.

From Semarang, our products will be transported to Singapore and then further processed until they arrive at the final destination in Hamburg. The whole journey from Indonesia to Germany takes roughly 30 days. We chose the ship to take the lower CO² emmisions into account compared to transporting our goods by plane.

This is a little story about the journey of our coconut bowls. What do you think about the journey? Do you have any questions? Feel free to drop a question in the comment section or drop us a like. We are happy to answer all your questions and looking forward to your reactions.

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From Indonesia, with love, to your home <3

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